Rich cultural heritage that offers a gateway to authentic Africa.Every corner of Sekhukhune has an amazing tale to tell. A true treasure indeed with world renowned Heritage sites like Tšate, Lenao la Modimo, Ledingwe Cultural Village and many more.

It is a vision of the Sekhukhune District Municipality to make Sekhukhune a Cultural heartland of South Africa. An epicentre of the historic struggle against colonialism and oppression where the freedom struggle of kings and people is re-enacted.

Here are some awe-inspiring Heritage sites offered by this historical region.
Ledingwe Cultural Village (Stellenboch Cultural Village)
We are equally proud of our cultural heritage and still hold dear the traditions of our forefathers. Our Municipality is a land of legends and myths and of ancient civilizations that visitors find fascinating.

Sekhukhune Heritage Sites
The tour does not end there. Let us together join others in their entourage to Tšate, the heritage site for the Bapedi. Meet the god of the Bapedi for your fortunes. The place is rich with the Bapedi history, wars of resistance with the English led by Burgers and the route to Phahlamanoge.
It is rich with cultural heritage and an abundance of wildlife and nature-based tourism opportunities, indeed a treasure chest waiting to be discovered.
Download the full version of, The Battle of Sekhukhune Tourism Route, and learn more about sekhukhune Environmental, Camping, Cultural, Geological, and Historical sites, Not forgetting to be accommodated by Pedi Living Cultural Route

Echo Stone
Visit to Phahlamanoge in the Fetakgomo Municipality. Nature tells its story to the fullest. Visit this place and enjoy life at Phahlamanoge. Masehleng is the place. Come and see what Badimo and Modimo did for Africa. A great diversity of natural and man made influence attractions and cultural believes.

Lenao la Modimo(God’s Foot Print)
A footprint is there on the rock since our arrival on this beautiful planet. It is difficult to conclude what actually happened. Come and see, maybe an answer to this national question can be provided.
We must do more and pay proper tribute to Sekhukhune by continuing his struggle for land, liberty and our sacred honour. Such a struggle cannot fail. It shall succeed and so vindicate the heroic life of King Sekbukhune I, 1814-1882.